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Confirmation Letter/ Full Stay Complete Folio/ Reg Card Email after check in

When a guest checks in their is no way to email them an entire bill for their stay till their stay is completed. This is a real problem. If we haven't emailed a guest their confirmation and they come to the desk mid stay and say can you email me a copy of my bill, there is no option for that? Why not have a folio option 6 that allows us to do so? Or simply allow us to email the confirmation letter or the reservation after check in?


Another major issue to deal with is CHARGEBACKS. We are a small property with 27 rooms. Every chargeback hurts. We would like to be able to email a guest after they check in to be able to prove to a credit card company that we even emailed the guest on the 1st day of their stay in case the guest submits a chargeback. This helps us build proof of stay even further.


Furthermore is the issue of stay extensions. If a guest wishes to extend his or her stay. Then we should be allowed to send them an email with the extension again. The only way to do this is to check them out then create a new reservation  and then email them a confirmation and then check them in again. Which is ridiculous. Guests who extend do so over the phone or in passing while they are leaving for the day. They dont necessarily want to always stand at the desk for 10 minutes while they are on holiday to sign paperwork. If an FD agent then forgets to catch the guest again in the evening we have no proof that the guest continued to stay at property.


CHARGEBACKS are an extremely painful revenue loss for a small property of our size. Big chain hotels have allocations for write offs. We dont have the same luxury. Please help us. Please make this change. I am happy to explain this via phone call if needed.

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  • Jan 18 2020
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