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auto cancel reservations without deposit

I have suggested this feature in previous years but did not receive any feedback so I am taking this opportunity to suggest it again.

It would allow us the opportunity to provide better customer service, secure more bookings & eliminate no shows.

I need to be able to create a reservation, click window that shows a future date, and if no deposit has been taken by that future date, the reservation is auto cancelled. There is ample space on the current New Res Screen for this. You could move over the nights and CO time to the right and create another small date window called Deposit date.

We receive countless hundreds of reservation requests a year. When they call, they want to first reserve the room to make sure they have a reservation. Then they often have to call the airlines to make sure they can get seats, which might take a few days, call work to see if they can take time off, check with other traveling companions to make sure the dates are good, etc.... basically they want the luxury of the hotel holding the room while they finalize plans.

We also want to give them the luxury of holding the room, but we only want to hold it for a certain # of days.

The problem is that there is no ability within the software to do this. So we have to manually manage hundreds of requests. We usually use the Task feature within Office 365. But this is cumbersome and quite difficult to keep up with. We really do not want to manage this process, we want to automate the process.

We want to accept the reservation to create a new res and have the client excited to stay. We ask the client how many days he would like us to hold the room. This gives the client the ability to feel accommodated. We then explain to the client that if by chance they do not call back by the agreed upon date, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. And if it is cancelled, they will receive an email advising them of this, and they can always call back to rebook.

With this process being managed automatically, it completely eliminates the possibility of the hotel leaving a room in hold status without a deposit. Which happens now. We end up having no shows and we are holding rooms that would could otherwise sell to someone else.

Please let me know if this is something you will consider. I feel it would be a great feature for all hotels to have.

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  • Oct 22 2020
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