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Automatically Void an Un-Used Credit Card Authorization After Guest Check-Out (+1 to 3 days)

This AHA Idea is specific to RoomKeyPMS Payments (via TranSafe/i3Verticals)

Currently, all un-used credit card authorizations are held for 30+ days, even after the guest checks out. It is difficult to identify which checked out reservations retain a hold on authorized charges using the existing reports in RoomKeyPMS. In the TranSafe manager portal, these transactions are identified as "Open Transactions" on the "Unsettled Transaction Report" available from the TranSafe Dashboard. Therefore every property that uses RoomKeyPMS Payments has to perform the following manually:

  1. Log into TranSafe portal and access Unsettled Transactions Report

    1. TIP: filter this report by PREAUTH and Year-to-Date

    2. Print or Export this list to .CSV

  2. Log into RoomKeyPMS

  3. In RoomKeyPMS, search for a checked out reservation by ResID (listed on the Unsettled Transactions Report)

    1. TIP: start with the oldest unsettled transaction and work forward to present-day

  4. With the reservation selected, access the Transactions menu and select Authorized Transactions

    1. compare the Auth. number in the Authorized Transactions popup window to the Auth Num field on the Unsettled Transactions Report (these should match)

    2. determine if this authorization hold should be released by the hotel (if not, return to Step 3 with the next ResID)

  5. To release this authorization hold: In the Authorized Transactions popup window, select the Void button

  6. In the TranSafe popup window, select Post to proceed with the void authorization action

  7. Select the Close button, then select the Exit button to exit out of the Authorized Transactions popup window

  8. Repeat Steps 3-7 for every open, preauth transaction on the Unsettled Transaction Report

I suggest creating a script/program for RoomKeyPMS to automatically process a Void on Authorizations held on Checked Out reservations, 1-3 days after check-out is completed. This would eliminate the need to repeat the steps above everyday.

  • Tasha LeClair
  • May 7 2021
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